Our specialties

Service: 2€ per person




  • RAW TASTING 25,00€

    By the Chef

  • RAW SCAMPI 4,00 €
  • PURPLE PRAWNS 3,00 €

    Allergens: 8

  • Yellowfin Tuna Tartare ,cuttlefish ink crispy bread wafer,Roasted bell pepper mayonnaise ,sweet and sour red onion 18,00€

    Allergens: 2,5,7,9,11,12,13,14,15

by the chef

Luca Di Marco

Main Courses

Why “al dente”!

The digestibility of a pasta dish is at its best when cooking ensures that the format is chewy.
In fact, pasta should be chewed and its quality recognised precisely in that healthy crunchiness that makes the bite tasty for the right amount of time.
Pasta al dente makes us understand the ingredients while the chewing speed of an overcooked pasta harms the palate and our digestion.

by the chef

Luca Di Marco

by the chef

Luca Di Marco

by the chef

Luca Di Marco


by the chef

Luca Di Marco

by the chef

Emanuele e Pietro Mastroianni

Red Wines

Cocktails Aperitifs


  • APELEÑO 10,00€

    Jalapeno tequila, Lime, Passion fruit puree, Aperol, Sugar syrup, salt

  • AVIATOR 10,00€

    Butterly pea flower gin, Violet liqueur, Elderflower syrup, Lemon, Lavender bitter, Egg white, Soda

  • gingomma 12,00€

    big babol gin, raspberry cordial, lime, sugar, pink grapefruit soda, egg white

  • TOMMY’S SHELBY 12,00€

    Tequila, Mezcal, Ancho reyes, Lime, Smoky Agave, and Smoked Maldon Salt

  • Zombie 34’ 10,00€

    Rum mix, Falernum home made, Granatina Angostura, Lime, Bitter, secrets mix

  • Purple rain 12,00€

    Gin n3, Fake lime, Elderflower soda, Magic syrup St Germain, Amaro amara

  • Red Eyes 10,00€

    gin, elderflower liqueur, red fruit puree, lime, basil, pink pulp soda

  • Dart fernet 11,00€

    Myers’s rum, Peachtree Lime, Coconut cream, Pineapple foam, Refraction of Fernet

  • malfytano 10,00€

    Gin Malfy rosa, Orange, Passion fruit, Basil, Lime

  • old porter 13,00€

    Rye whisky lot 40, Bitter mix, Maple syrup, Staut mousse, Chocolate chips


a cura dello chef

Luca Di Marco